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currant / смородина, коринка
имя существительное
имя существительное
a small dried fruit made from a seedless variety of grape originally grown in the eastern Mediterranean region, now widely produced in California, and much used in cooking.
a currant bun
a Eurasian shrub that produces small edible black, red, or white berries.
Some currants are host to the White pine blister rust, and should not be planted near white pines.
Screens made from bamboo and birch branches as well as plantings (golden currant , white abutilon, and New Zealand flax) create privacy.
a currant bun
Aim for several small meals with suitable snacks such as mini savoury sandwiches, a currant bun, fruit or vegetables or unsweetened breakfast cereal in between meals to meet your child's nutritional needs.
‘I'm lost,’ she tells a policeman plaintively and then she sings a song so beautifully she is given a currant bun as a reward.
I experiment with a cherry currant port sauce to put over a dessert.
a currant bun
currant cake
This year, carve a buttery, cider-glazed version showcased with roasted apples and eye-catching grapes and currants .
With leeks, currants , and cranberries, it's such a treat.
Dried fruits such as currants or sultanas are frequently added to this basic mix.