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curling / вьющийся
имя прилагательное
curly, curling, frizzy, crimpy, voluble, crinkly
имя существительное
curling, twist, torsion, warping, wrench, wring
имя существительное
a game played on ice, especially in Scotland and Canada, in which large, round, flat stones are slid across the surface toward a mark. Members of a team use brooms to sweep the surface of the ice in the path of the stone to control its speed and direction.
If you knew that the preliminary rounds of Olympic curling began this week, you're probably on the team.
form or cause to form into a curved or spiral shape.
her fingers curled around the microphone
play at the game of curling.
She began curling in high school and finished second at the Wisconsin state high school championships.
He enjoys the sportsmanship of the sport so much he is a promoter and organizer of curling events.
Can the nation which gave the world golf and curling and revolutionised football in Victorian times look forward to a prosperous and healthy sporting future?
Imagine the Scottish curling or swimming championships taking place here, in the off-season for golf.
If you knew that the preliminary rounds of Olympic curling began this week, you're probably on the team.
The curling was part of the grade six physical education program at Elmdale School.
The sport of curling is a big deal here - Scotland won a gold medal at the last Olympics.
Currently Halifax, which, in sporting terms, has hosted big curling , ice skating and ice hockey events, has one 10,000-seat arena.
He was draw master for the senior mens' mixed curling for a while, as well as committee member for the Senior Golf Tournament for men and mixed, for a number of years.
The next sports to follow will be athletics, curling and rugby.
But curling is not a big game in this country and the tabloids can't see past football.