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curlew / кроншнеп
имя существительное
имя существительное
a large wading bird of the sandpiper family, with a long down-curved bill, brown streaked plumage, and frequently a distinctive ascending two-note call.
In the mud flats of the Bay of Fundy, you'll see large roosts of shorebirds - plovers, yellowlegs, godwits, curlews , and phalaropes - at high tide.
The large numbers of birds in the area, including nationally important numbers of golden plover, curlew , dunlin, merlin and twite, make it a Site of Special Scientific Interest.
At first glance the drained muds of the Blyth estuary were dotted with shelduck, redshank, curlew , wigeon, pintail and black headed gulls.
Conservationists are now hoping for fine weather this year to give the tiny chicks of birds such as lapwing, curlew , redshank and snipe a chance of survival.
Rare bird species, including wading birds such as the curlew , lapwing and snipe, would also be reintroduced to the site under the plans.
A giant among waders, the curlew is unmistakable with long bill and legs.
The Peak District provides some of the last remaining habitats for golden plover, lapwing, curlew and twite.
It is similar in size, shape, and color to the Marbled Godwit, but the curlew 's decurved bill distinguishes it from the upturned bill of the Marbled Godwit.
The shocking results from the county are that no breeding pairs of curlew , lapwing, redshank, snipe or oystercatcher were recorded on the sites surveyed.
Other wildlife to be seen at the reserve includes a number of notable bird species such as golden plover, curlew and greenshank.
It is the home of the lapwing, curlew , golden plover, dunlin and red grouse.