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curler / бигуди, папильотка, игрок в керлинг
имя существительное
curler, roller
curler, curlpaper
игрок в керлинг
that, such, curler
имя существительное
a roller or clasp around which a lock of hair is wrapped to curl it.
Hair can also tangle when piled on top of the head during shampoo treatments, around various types of curlers and in hair brushes.
a player in the game of curling.
Off the west coast of Scotland, Ailsa Craig is renowned among curlers for producing ideal curling stones.
The holy grail for a curler , equivalent to a seven-ball victory in pool, is to have all eight stones nearer to the house than your opposition but such instances are very rare.
By all accounts, my grandfather was a brilliant curler , as were his team mates.
If you plan on starting problems before you go out, remove your athletics jackets or shirts that proudly label you as a footballer, basketball player, curler or whatever.
The other night, the announcer described a lady curler as the Roger Clemens of curling, said she liked to throw the high, hard one.
Does this heated eyelash curler really work?
Before curling your eyelashes, heat the curler with a hair dryer for a few seconds.
She has been a prominent curler in the United States for a long time.
It is sometimes referred to as ‘shuffleboard on ice’ which greatly simplifies the skill and strength required to be an elite curler .
She is successful on two fronts: she is a sports reporter and weather broadcaster as well as being an elite curler .
And instead of rolling a ball across a lawn, curlers slide big smooth rocks down an ice rink.