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curl / локон, завиток, завивка
имя существительное
curl, lock, ringlet, swirl, heartbreaker, link
curl, swirl, scroll, tendril, whorl, plume
wave, curl, frizzle, hair wave
curl, wind, clamber, twist, twine, creep
curl, wave
frizz, curl, frizzle, wave, crinkle, frizzle up
имя существительное
something having a spiral or inwardly curved form, especially a lock of hair.
her blond hair was a mass of tangled curls
the vector product of the operator del and a given vector.
form or cause to form into a curved or spiral shape.
her fingers curled around the microphone
play at the game of curling.
She began curling in high school and finished second at the Wisconsin state high school championships.
Tighten your midsection, take a deep breath, curl both weights toward your shoulders and exhale at the top.
Your wings can also curl around the post players or even go baseline and exchange places with each other.
Something about the dress brought out the twinkle in her eyes and the curl of her dark hair.
To illustrate my point, try doing reverse curls with the same weight with which you can perform a standard barbell curl .
I could tell he had adopted an unusual air by the strange curl on his beautiful lips.
The damp is taking all the curl out of my naturally curly hair!
Gabriel had black hair cut short at the sides and back, while the top and front was long enough to show the curl in his thick hair.
Because the Smith machine limits you to a fixed path, the range of motion here will be shorter than on a free-weight barbell curl .
your hair has a natural curl
With a roll of my eyes and a curl of my lip, I took out my notebook and started sketching.