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curiosity / любопытство, любознательность, диковина
имя существительное
curiosity, pry
curiosity, inquisitiveness
curiosity, rarity
имя прилагательное
antique, antiquarian, curiosity
имя существительное
a strong desire to know or learn something.
filled with curiosity, she peered through the window
a strange or unusual object or fact.
he showed them some of the curiosities of the house
I was close to backing out, but my morbid curiosity got the best of me.
After having car trouble the teens backtrack to the church to satisfy their morbid curiosity .
filled with curiosity, she peered through the window
And I am consumed by curiosity and a desire to know what on earth this cool thing is going to be like.
filled with curiosity, she peered through the window
Most were merely curiosity seekers, so the police did not disperse them.
Many were also indulging a healthy curiosity about the outside world.
I made a quick glance over my shoulder, before I indulged my curiosity .
The young woman was sitting forward in her seat, a look of almost childlike curiosity on her face.
His eyes searched hers curiously, but he found nothing but mild curiosity in her eyes.