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curio / антикварная вещь, редкая вещь
имя существительное
антикварная вещь
curio, antique, curiosity, rarity
редкая вещь
curiosity, curio
имя существительное
a rare, unusual, or intriguing object.
The units make trays of different shapes, fruit baskets, stands, lamp shades, curios , mats, pen stands, wall hangings, screens, hair clips and even pappad sticks.
It is a common device in the literature and cinema of the macabre and the fantastic that an object - often a painting but sometimes a mirror, a statue or a curio - will haunt its protagonists.
The house was done out with period rooms with displays of 19th century curios and antique nick-nacks.
This letter is one of the treasured curios in the collection of a professional photographer in the city.
On show are hand-made candles, drawings, African curios , sculptures made from clay and photographs.
Exhibitions of artefacts, curios and products of everyday use are one of the indispensable aspects of city life.
One boy has a tray displaying battered curios salvaged from the area - American name tags, medals, twisted knives and forks.
In terms of shopping, there are opportunities galore if you are in the market for trendy garments, toys, Chinese silks, antiques and curios .
Stalls displaying various kinds of glass furniture, wooden curios , clothes, etc., have become a regular feature of such shows.
Most of us tend to entertain our friends in the family room; a formal dining room becomes a mail sorting place, and a formal living room is a museum for curios and uncomfortable furniture.
For most of the morning the craft stalls on the wharf were visited by people buying curios - from fridge magnets to beaded traditional Xhosa garments and wood carvings.