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curfew / комендантский час, вечерний звон, колпачок
имя существительное
комендантский час
вечерний звон
curfew, vesper, vesper-bell
cap, top, curfew
имя существительное
a regulation requiring people to remain indoors between specified hours, typically at night.
a dusk-to-dawn curfew
The execution was to take place at the ringing of the evening curfew bell.
Her parents had given her a curfew of midnight, so she had heaps of time.
The neighbours, he recalls, allowed him to play until a daily curfew of 10 pm.
He enforced strict rules: a nightly curfew and a mandate to earn top grades in high school.
He had regained her trust the night before, after telling her of numerous time that she had let him back into the boarding house when he had returned after curfew .
He gets half way across town before the cop patrolling his neighborhood pulls him over for curfew violation.
By that time, the male was already at his home, having managed to cook up an excuse for breaking the midnight curfew .
a dusk-to-dawn curfew
All exits from the city were totally blocked from the morning and an indefinite curfew was imposed from 6pm.
to be abroad after curfew without permission was to risk punishment