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cure-all / панацея, лекарство от всех болезней, средство от всех бед
имя существительное
panacea, elixir, heal-all, cure-all
лекарство от всех болезней
nostrum, cure-all
средство от всех бед
имя существительное
a medicine or other remedy that will supposedly cure any ailment.
Once deciphered, the scrolls were found to contain the ancient Egyptian equivalent of a medical manual, complete with herbal remedies and cure-alls .
It's not a panacea, a cure-all for farm financial ills, or a guarantee of profit.
In another age, he'd be selling his patent cure-all medicine from the back of a wagon.
Some marketers are promoting coral calcium as a cure-all for many chronic and serious conditions.
But in October when the horse fell ill, he took it to a surgeon with veterinary skills to be bled - a cure-all for every ailment at the time.
Rejecting any and all such criticism is, in the world of medicine, similar to proposing a new cure-all drug that has no side-effects, but failing to produce any evidence that it worked.
It is very easy to understand how someone may have taken, for want of a better word, a punt on a new product, in the belief that it is a magic bullet - a cure-all - and something from which he or she will make a considerable profit.
But as popular and lucrative as cure-all patent medicines were in the 1890s, they failed to generate the kind of money to which his lifestyle aspired.
He is not against raising the people's standard of living, but he insists that economic solutions are not a cure-all , and that moral factors also need to be taken into account.
Of course they spoke of their brew as if it were a medicinal cure-all when in reality they produced highly refined and greatly prized moonshine.
How did soy get its reputation as a cure-all for modern ailments?