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curdle / свертываться, застыть, свертывать
roll, clot, roll up, coagulate, curdle, furl
curdle, be frozen up
roll, roll up, coagulate, curdle, furl, fold up
separate or cause to separate into curds or lumps.
take care not to let the soup boil or it will curdle
There are records of cheesemakers is the Scottish Highlanders, Cheshire and Gloucestershire using Lady's Bedstraw to curdle milk and colour their cheese.
She also had a temper that could strip paint and curdle milk, but her humour made up for that.
When does this journalistic milk begin to curdle ?
The guide explained they add rennet, an enzyme from the stomach of calves, which causes the milk to curdle .
If that wasn't enough to curdle any milk, the five selected finalists were then required to prepare a gourmet luncheon for 100 assembled guests from the media and restaurant industries.
One of my earliest memories is looking down through a bay of picture windows at the Tillamook factory and watching milk curdle on the way to becoming cheese.
take care not to let the soup boil or it will curdle
His growl is impressively rabid, and his bark could curdle a bowl of milk at 20 paces.
take care not to let the soup boil or it will curdle
She must curdle the milk, make Macbeth abjure his good qualities, if he is to act as she wishes.