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curbside / обочине
имя существительное
the side of a road or sidewalk that is nearer to the curb.
curbside collection of trash
If one can't even leave boxes on a curbside because it's an open invitation to thieves, then one might think twice about buying that new TV.
There are enough branches at curbside along Washington Street this morning to make the village look like a war zone.
Because at the moment, she is standing curbside on Red River Street, the four-lane road that forms the eastern border of the sprawling campus.
To help narrow an ever-widening budget deficit, he has scaled back his city's curbside recycling program.
And then they did things like curbside checking, instead of what they should have been doing, which was formulating a national strategy to combat this.
Perhaps they were dragged into the middle of the street from curbside .
We have to start having undercover security people, armed at the curbside of the terminal, inside the terminal, at the security checkpoint, at the gate, at the aircraft, at the perimeter of the airport.
When you come into this airport - this part of the terminal - there is no security check at the curbside - anybody can walk into this area.
Outside, there's a convenient curbside drive-up takeout.
Due to a severe budget shortfall, she announced last Monday that the city is eliminating curbside recycling and leaf pickup.