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curator / куратор, хранитель, хранитель музея
имя существительное
keeper, custodian, curator, treasurer, conservator, watchdog
хранитель музея
имя существительное
a keeper or custodian of a museum or other collection.
Unlike many museum exhibitions, the curators provided the information to the viewer in manageable pieces.
A wrinkled old hill woman was the sole curator and keeper of the gallery then.
the curator of drawings at the National Gallery
Kindly the curator of the museum had made a display of a few of about 20 of the items you might see on your visit in the front window.
A curator from the local museum was there in the U.K. as part of this scheme.
With the permission of the curator of the National Museum, we were allowed to see the work in progress.
It is a group of presentations hosted by an artist curator or, as in one case, architect.
Yet, while their curatorship is second to none, what has happened under the present Queen is a lack of real engagement by the key-player, the monarch herself, with the practice of enhancing the collection in tune with the times.
I know all the museum curators in the world and there is not one to match Tim's genius.
The process involves 30 keepers, curators and registrars making a note of every single creature in the zoo.
It is not just artists, but curators and curatorial practice too, that respond to the transforming historical moment.