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curative / лечебный, целебный, целительный
имя прилагательное
therapeutic, curative, healing, medicinal, remedial, medicative
healing, curative, medicinal, healthful, salubrious, medicative
healing, curative, salutary, salubrious, beneficial, balmy
имя существительное
целебное средство
curative, healer
имя прилагательное
able to cure something, typically disease.
the curative properties of herbs
имя существительное
a medicine or remedy.
Since many of the men had been captured because they were too wounded or sick to escape, and since prison life offered no curatives for recovery, death was a daily occurrence in every Civil War prison.
No, it's not just a fragrant perfume associated with old ladies - it is, says Linda, a powerful curative .
In the United Kingdom primary care does not currently have a formal role in monitoring for disease recurrence after curative treatments.
UV light is known to have bactericidal activity and could have curative properties as far as secondary bacterial infections are concerned.
Posters portraying symptoms, preventive and curative aspects for diseases, tips for first aid and healthy diet also form part of the auditorium.
Several systems advocate the use of gold jewellery as a curative for many ailments.
Sound was seen as a powerful curative in asylums here in Australia.
Less than 20% of individuals suffering this disease are diagnosed in stages in which curative surgery is an option.
Today, it is widely accepted among doctors and homeopaths that some ingredients found in tea do have legitimate curative properties.
In alternative medicine, urine is considered a curative for a variety of medical conditions.
Photodynamic therapy has curative potential for patients with early lung cancer that is centrally located.