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curate / викарий, второй священник прихода, приходской священник
имя существительное
vicar, curate
второй священник прихода
приходской священник
имя существительное
a member of the clergy engaged as assistant to a vicar, rector, or parish priest.
But in a letter to the village magazine, the assistant curate said the work on the windows had used up the funds available for repairs to the church.
select, organize, and look after the items in (a collection or exhibition).
both exhibitions are curated by the museum's director
After his studies he returned to Galway Diocese and was appointed a curate in Salthill.
An overawed young curate is having tea with his vicar.
Two years later a meretricious curate pulled them down from the shelf and bought them.
nearly every major news organization is using Twitter’s new lists feature to curate tweets about the earthquake
In a hard-hitting sermon, the young curate hit out at a lack of parental responsibility in regard to children.
Keeping on the religious track, I must admit I found this link on an Anglican curate 's blog.
A very warm welcome is extended to the new curate for Rathdowney parish.
We take this opportunity to welcome our new curate .
Two years later he went to England and became a curate .
The local curate expressed understanding at their sense of loss.