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curacy / сан священника, приход
имя существительное
сан священника
curacy, benefice
coming, parish, arrival, advent, receipt, curacy
имя существительное
the office, position, or work of a curate.
I was in England serving my curacy
Jane's mother was disowned because she married beneath her class, and after a year of marriage both parents caught the typhus fever in the curacy where Jane's father worked.
She will return to complete her three year curacy (assistant to a training vicar), before having to look for a parish of her own to lead.
He did however spend two years in study at Oxford in Magdalen College and had the prospect of a curacy in Buckinghamshire.
That of 7 June 1789 may be the first Malthus delivered as ordained deacon licensed to the curacy of Okewood Chapel; the second was read shortly thereafter.
I was in England serving my curacy
he served his curacy in Northampton
And unlike Herbert his ministry was a long one: curacies in Chirk and Hanmer.