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curable / излечимый, исцелимый
имя прилагательное
curable, remediable, medicable, recoverable
имя прилагательное
(of a disease or condition) able to be cured.
most skin cancers are completely curable
For demonstration purposes, we filled the sag area with a UV curable prepolymer.
I mean, the good news remains that early detection is very important, because they're so curable if we catch it early on.
A lithography process for creating patterns in an activating light curable liquid using electric fields followed by curing of the activating light curable liquid is described.
And it is curable and has been curable since 1948.
There are human conflicts, but they are by their nature curable , because there's always a higher principle, lurking in the background.
I actually think that middle of the road taste is curable .
A UV curable primer and clear topcoat, which use a hybrid cure mechanism for enhanced performance, have been developed.
All in all, monolingualism is a curable disease.
If it is curable , what is the proper treatment of it?
While the patient's condition is not curable , providing oxygen can relieve the patient's subjective feeling of suffocation caused by decreased levels of oxygen in the blood.