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cur / дворняжка, шавка, дурно воспитанный человек
имя существительное
cur, pooch, mongrel, mutt, tyke, tike
дурно воспитанный человек
churl, cur
имя прилагательное
rude, boorish, discourteous, unmannered, ignorant, cur
rude, rough, gross, coarse, crude, cur
низкого происхождения
low, lowborn, lower, ignoble, mean, cur
имя существительное
an aggressive dog or one that is in poor condition, especially a mongrel.
Just as the evening shades were drawing on the landlady observed a cur dog, belonging to a well known cattle jobber and farmer, emerge from the kitchen quarters bearing something in its jaws.
The dog leaped away without a sound; the man, raising his voice a little, said with a slow laugh, ‘Look at that wretched cur ,’ and directly afterwards we became separated by a lot of people pushing in.
Malcolm still plans to take her on summer searches, however, along with his new rescue dog, a little Lakeland collie cur , Spindrift.
Even if he doesn't die in war, which is no doubt God's plan for the corrupt cur , and if he doesn't run away with a Yankee brat as I predict, you shan't see him.
Jade the Heartless showed no mercy to any cur of a man who dared to cross her path.
On February 26, 1874, Welch illustrated that evening's theme, ‘Sunshine and Shadow,’ with a depiction of a skeletal cur looking with envy at two well-fed dogs in a kennel.
Every dog in office is obeyed with such unquestioning meekness, that every dog in office is tempted to become a cur .
The weasel on the front is a nice touch, but a mangy cur would have been a better image.
A concubine, a low cur , a cheat and a fraud would be decent things by comparison with being called a liar.
The coyote-dog barked viciously at Jack, and it was all he could do not to unleash his full fury on the cur .
Sir Stephen may have been an egocentric cur , but he, at least, was noble!