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cuppa / чашка чаю
имя существительное
чашка чаю
имя существительное
a cup of tea.
a good strong cuppa
cup of.
let's have another cuppa coffee
This means that half way round you can get a smashing cuppa tea and a feast.
You know, that thing was so nice that I decided to forfeit my usual cuppa Earl Grey tea this morn and I had a second cup of ginger and mint tea with honey just now.
Why not tell your friends or, better still bring them along for a chat, a cuppa tea or maybe a game of bingo.
I put the kettle on and made us a cuppa tea while I worked out what to do.
a good strong cuppa
After mass all repaired to the Community Centre for a cuppa tea, a chat and a piece of the cake.
Nothing washes down a scone - I mean cookie - better than a nice cuppa tea.
a good strong cuppa
Goodness, I think I need to sit down with a cuppa coffee after all that!
Worse, there's no café in the store, so you can't even enjoy a cuppa while you're working - not that there's anywhere to put one, in any case.