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cupola / купол, вагранка, свод
имя существительное
dome, cupola, top, bell, pot, boss
vault, arch, vaulting, dome, corpus, cupola
имя существительное
a small dome, especially a small dome on a drum on top of a larger dome, adorning a roof or ceiling.
The scaffolding reaches to the top of the cupola that adorns the roof giving the builders a perch almost 100 feet up.
He was still on alert in his commander's cupola , in his vehicle.
An octagonal cupola , along with much of the original material, required extensive reconstruction.
In duplexing, the iron is melted in a cupola or electric arc furnace, and the molten metal is transferred to a coreless or channel-type induction furnace for holding and pouring.
And the weathervane-topped cupola 's operable windows draw cooling breezes through the interior of the house.
The crew consists of the driver plus four or three operators in the cupola , a commander, a gun layer and an ammunition loader.
The upward pull of a starry cupola or the mesmerizing allure of a sun-drenched atrium are some obvious examples.
On one project, the heliodon helped the architects size the overhang on a cupola and observe the effects of clerestory windows on the spaces below.
The vehicle is protected with an armoured superstructure and fitted with an armoured observation cupola .
It has arcades all around, a pavilion at the eastern end has crenellated roof and a cupola of glass mosaic.
the gilded cupola was supported by caryatids