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cupcake / кекс
имя существительное
a small cake baked in a cup-shaped container and typically iced.
My daughter and I made the reindeer cupcakes : chocolate fairy cakes with a chocolate icing and a glacé cherry for a nose and chocolate antlers, and gave them to her friends along with a Christmas card, much to their delight.
an attractive woman (often as a term of address).
Some days it would be lovely, others princess, cupcake , sweetie, angel, anything that popped into his mind.
Sorry to say, cupcake , but you're the only one here.
Another league game - and not a 12 th game against a cupcake nonconference opponent - is attractive to television.
When you say you click on every level but the emotional, there aren't that many more to click on, cupcake .
Your boho look is coming along diviiiinely, cupcake .
You are wasting your time, cupcake .
Don't be too sure, cupcake , because he is a consummate screw-up, and he manages to screw up.
It's too late to rethink sharing your encounters, cupcake , because you've already done it.
Or, pour melted wax over sawdust in paper egg cartons or muffins tins lined with cupcake papers.
Do remember that she wrote seeking advice, cupcake , so her urges were apparently a problem - to her.
Edges can be smoothed, cupcake , and wine choices are why we have sommeliers.