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cupboard / шкаф, буфет, чулан
имя существительное
cabinet, cupboard, locker
buffet, sideboard, cupboard, canteen, bar, refreshment room
closet, cupboard, cuddy, lumber-room
имя существительное
a cabinet or closet, usually with a door and shelves, used for storage.
a kitchen cupboard
She set the cup back on the table then opened the cupboard under the sink.
There is a large walk-in airing cupboard and a family bathroom on this floor.
The entrance hall is spacious and has an understairs cloak cupboard .
Work on the block had not finished so the screens had been moved to an unlocked store cupboard .
A utility room off the kitchen includes a fitted broom cupboard , floor units and stainless steel sink.
There is also a large built-in storage cupboard in the landing.
He wondered whether anyone would object to him typing up his story in a nice, dark broom cupboard .
a kitchen cupboard
She led them through where they asked her to clear out the cupboard under the sink.
a broom cupboard