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cumulative / совокупный, кумулятивный, накопленный
имя прилагательное
total, aggregate, cumulative, aggregated, collective, accumulative
cumulative, accumulative
accumulated, cumulative, accrued, stockpiled, accumulative, cumulate
имя прилагательное
increasing or increased in quantity, degree, or force by successive additions.
the cumulative effect of two years of drought
As you can see, it shows the cumulative post totals of the three of us for the year thus far.
The trouble is, even taking cuttings is a theft - and the cumulative damage can be considerable.
People of these races raised themselves under a system of cumulative incentives to responsibility.
The game ends when either team's cumulative score reaches 500 points or more.
Although the journey times for most people are going to be short, this is a cumulative damage.
That said, there are problems that I believe stem from a cumulative lack of confidence.
These effects can usually be avoided by estimating and controlling the cumulative oxygen dose.
Like in real life, the effects are cumulative and so combinations might result in different effects.
How long would it be before both offers amounted to the same cumulative total?
I wish they'd just give a little bit more so that you got the sense of a cumulative awareness.