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cumulate / накапливать, аккумулировать, собирать в кучу
accumulate, store, pile up, pile, amass, cumulate
accumulate, cumulate
собирать в кучу
mass, cumulate
имя прилагательное
собранный в кучу
accumulated, cumulative, accrued, stockpiled, accumulative, cumulate
gather together and combine.
the systems cumulate data over a period of years
имя существительное
an igneous rock formed by gravitational settling of particles in a magma.
Plutonic rocks can be dense, silica-poor and dark in colour, like most cumulates, or silica-rich and pale in colour like the melt remaining after cumulate formation.
It is particularly misleading to cumulate the value of surpluses or tax cuts over a ten-year period in that the adding up process treats the 2011 estimate as though it should be given the same weight as the 2002 estimate.
There are differences between cumulate rocks and those finer-grained gabbros and dykes that represent liquid compositions.
the systems cumulate data over a period of years
all unpaid dividend payments cumulate and are paid when earnings are sufficient
cumulate gabbro
At her worst, she serves up a sludge of disparate data that do not cumulate to any discernible or persuasive argument.
Membership categories cumulate (one person can score in more categories of societies).
Knowledge cumulation has also been hindered by the failure of authors to report the statistics needed to cumulate knowledge.
This is similar to cumulate rocks of the Sarmiento complex.
It can be harmful for disciplines if they do not cumulate real knowledge because short-term interests drive them.