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cumbrous / громоздкий, нескладной, обременительный
имя прилагательное
bulky, cumbersome, unwieldy, ponderous, cumbrous
cumbersome, cumbrous
burdensome, onerous, cumbersome, heavy, vexatious, cumbrous
It was anti-futuristic, so cumbrous and mechanical that even the acronym seemed dated.
The parry of prime which was effectual enough when a heavy cut was to be stopped was too slow and cumbrous to keep pace with the nimbler thrust.
Under the cumbrous heading ‘Possible Engagements Are to be Regarded as Real Ones Because of their Consequences’, Clausewitz explained further what he meant by this ‘priority of engagements’.
Her treatise has the usual cumbrous apparatus of scholarly citation, though I did wonder about her methods of research.
At the heart of this strange embedded narrative lies a cumbrous allegory.
If that be so he will have a choice, which will often be a choice between the old, cumbrous , costly, on the one hand, the modern, rapid, cheap, on the other.
It was his role to give the villains their orders for the night, haggle over the prices and keep a candle burning in the dissecting room waiting for the cumbrous sacks to arrive.
The subordinate forms in a period are often nested one within the other, like Chinese boxes; in its most complex forms it can be cumbrous and hard to follow.
I shall hope that a more rigorous, if more cumbrous , mode of expression will always be readily available.
Early European settlers adopted the process, but found less cumbrous methods.