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culvert / водопропускная труба, кульверт, дренажная труба
имя существительное
водопропускная труба
дренажная труба
drainpipe, drain, culvert, drainage tube, sough, tile
имя существительное
a tunnel carrying a stream or open drain under a road or railroad.
The tanks, roads, culverts and lagoon opening have all suffered through the lack of maintenance.
channel (a stream or drain) through a culvert.
Sprawl and malls are filling in the vacant lots and woodlands where we used to play; rivers and streams are culverted , channelized, and barren; and the coasts, lakesides, and mountains are spotted with trophy homes and locked gates.
The project also required construction of a 29.5-foot fill over an old concrete box culvert .
A culvert stabilized with snow was the first structure tested for small streams.
It is asphalted and the gradient runs south to north up to the village temple, except near the village pond where a culvert has raised the road surface, upsetting the natural gradient.
What appears to be the problem to us is the size of a culvert underneath the road into the ornamental pond.
The South Fork of the Elkhorn River goes under the road in a culvert .
Talking to the engineers, environmentalists and politicians responsible, I realised that here, where council engineers want to culvert more of it, we are ten years behind the times.
Variables considered in the analysis were culvert size, location, and wall thickness.
Of course, if I got my planning permission, I'd have to divert yon beck and culvert it away from your place.
A nearby culvert , meant to carry away the sewage, is totally damaged.
There are also plans to dig a culvert to carry water if the drainage ditch is full but he doubted there was enough room to dig one within the width of the road.