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cultivator / культиватор, земледелец, пропашник
имя существительное
cultivator, tiller, rearer, extirpator
tiller, cultivator, agriculturist, agriculturalist
имя существительное
a person or thing that cultivates something.
they were herders of cattle and cultivators of corn
Before plants bloom, loosen the surface soil with a hoe or hand cultivator .
The farmer is making a few last turns with his cultivator , sweeping up, so to speak, the last bit of straw left at the corners of the field.
Provide high-quality small-scale tools such as trowel, cultivator , rake, and hoe.
Selective cultivation may be performed with a rotary hoe, rolling cultivator, shovel cultivator , or similar implement.
Sometimes referred to as a hand fork, the cultivator is used for weeding, and as its name implies, for cultivating the soil.
Cultivation was never done with a plow or a cultivator , but always with a hoe.
For flowerbeds, a good hoe or cultivator will be a lot more labor intensive, but probably as effective if you are diligent.
The Hawaiian farmer of ancient times was a superior cultivator who systematically identified and named plants - both those cultivated as well as the wild species gathered for use when crops failed.
Biblical scholars who name Noah as the first cultivator of wine grapes describe him as settling down after the flood to become the first wine maker.
They got too tall to clear out with the cultivator , so Fred and I and the two other farm hands had to hoe a six-acre field by hand.