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cultivate / культивировать, развивать, возделывать
cultivate, grow, rear, tame, domesticate
develop, evolve, cultivate, expand, elaborate, exercise
cultivate, garden
prepare and use (land) for crops or gardening.
Traditionally, producers begin cultivating the land to prepare for planting in the early spring.
try to acquire or develop (a quality, sentiment, or skill).
he cultivated an air of indifference
They were shipped out to cultivate land called New Economic Zones.
Most the the area is intensively cultivated farm lands with plenty of roads.
The tree is native to South America but is widely cultivated throughout the tropics.
Over 70 percent of the farmers cultivating mountain land live on the plains.
Therefore, only those species required in large quantities are cultivated to any significant extent.
These offerings ranged from durable wealth, such as precious metals, to permanent sources of revenue such as cultivatable land.
They built the courtyard and buildings and cultivated the surrounding land.
Maybe consider cultivating people who are childless, or… you might give some thought to conquering this phobia with professional help.
In Europe, however, skills are cultivated , and creativity is stressed to young players, sort of like the improvisational freedom seen in basketball.
The other lesson he accordingly wishes to bring home to the rulers of his age is that, in addition to having a sound army, a prince who aims to scale the heights of glory must cultivate the right qualities of princely leadership.