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cult / культ, поклонение, вероисповедание
имя существительное
cult, worship, religion, cultus
worship, adoration, cult, idolatry
faith, denomination, confession, profession, church, cult
имя существительное
a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.
the cult of St. Olaf
In an all girls school a young reasonably good looking man had cult status.
The modern cult of the television celebrity… tends to handicap a living candidate.
It said the BBC commentator had become a cult figure because of his ‘dry comments and lack of restraint’.
Still others have cautioned against the spate of monuments that they see as celebrating the cult of the personality.
Accordingly some aspects of domestic rectitude predated the cult of domesticity.
Every President colludes with the American people to create his own cult of personality.
He is a cult figure today whose books are expensive collectors' items.
I heard that it had something to do with some kind of satanic cult .
In its original weekday time slot, the show became an enormous cult hit.
Monks promoted the cult of their own saints and could write disparagingly of others.