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culpable / виновный, преступный, заслуживающий порицания
имя прилагательное
guilty, culpable, delinquent
criminal, felonious, guilty, maleficent, culpable, flagitious
заслуживающий порицания
blameworthy, blameful, culpable, demeritorious, blamable, blameable
имя прилагательное
deserving blame.
sometimes you're just as culpable when you watch something as when you actually participate
Now many of us will agree that such a person is culpable and guilty.
It is difficult to apportion blame since both sides seem to be equally culpable .
In public he pleads culpable to his part in that shock result.
The above argument is not a defence of genuine culpable negligence.
In this, of all ages, we should learn the lesson that to put only a fraction of the potentially culpable in the dock is to invite injustice.
Here, knowledge and intent or culpable negligence would seem to be required for criminal liability.
The culpable do not break down and confess their sins merely as the result of close questioning.
If we believe that humans are morally culpable for sexual behavior then we must uphold that view.
It will not please England, though, that two of his wickets, both front-line batsmen, were culpable .
But they are both culpable for putting political life on the danger list.