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culottes / юбка-брюки
имя существительное
culottes, divided skirt
имя существительное
women's knee-length trousers, cut with very full legs to resemble a skirt.
They are just like regular slips but are split with a seam up each leg, so they can be worn under pants, culottes , or skirts.
No longer will I be a vision in cheesecloth and impetuously purchased clamdigger culottes .
For pants, skirts, shorts or culottes choose the size by the waist measurement unless your hips are much larger than that standard measurement.
Apparently thongs are old news, with hipster culottes taking over their crown, offering a roomier but still sexy look.
The ‘soldier-woman’ with square shoulders and culottes under an overcoat gave way to the ‘flower-woman’ with rounded shoulders, a heightened bust, narrow waist, and immense fan-like skirt 14 metres in circumference.
Don't let those fancy boys in culottes who just played in the Final Four tell you different.
One: denim culottes with one of our moss-green shabby-chic tweed blazers, a huge brooch and green-gold tango shoes.
And here we are in these floor-length indigo-dyed cotton culottes that have 25 pleats in them, and this sort of heavyweight double-stitched cotton top.
From sexy swimwear and cute tops to beautifully tailored pants (and culottes and jeans) and killer coats, everyone put forth their best efforts and scored a hit.
The girl wore khaki culottes and a loose, sleeveless blouse of green gingham.
Her red high-heeled boots were well hidden by navy culottes .