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culminate / кульминировать, достигать высшей степени
достигать высшей степени
reach a climax or point of highest development.
the tensions and disorders which culminated in World War II
All matches will culminate in the finals on Thursday next, December 19.
The three legs would culminate in a national final here in December.
Why did it have to culminate in a murder?
Convocation will culminate on Saturday with the graduation of students from the mathematics and engineering faculties.
Such thoughts reduce self-esteem which leads to depression and which can finally culminate in suicide.
As the Earth rotates on its axis from west to east, it appears from our apparently stationary viewpoint that the stars rise in the east, culminate on the upper meridian and set in the west.
The quarter and semi-finals will then be held in London and will culminate in the nail-biting national final.
From there the whirlwind events culminate in the discovery of the killer's identity.
The event will culminate in a spectacular finale.
It is this collection of seven factors and their supporting details that culminate this research.