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culinary / кулинарный, кухонный, поваренный
имя прилагательное
kitchen, cooking, culinary
имя прилагательное
of or for cooking.
culinary skills
As the weekend progressed we witnessed amazing feats of discipline and culinary skill.
An artist prepares the ingredients for his painting with the culinary enthusiasm of a master chef.
Although she never wrote a cookbook, she did insist on sharing her culinary wisdom.
They were judged on a range of culinary skills, including the planning and presentation of the meals.
The move from sous chef to executive chef is quite a jump in the culinary career ladder.
No one cooked or prepared food quite like she did and she was very proud of her culinary skills.
It's a shame, because you do not know the culinary delights you are denying yourself.
Night after night they endure such culinary imperfections at the hands of the nation's top chefs.
The success is down to the culinary style of Kim, for whom cooking is a calling and a passion.
Her culinary and sugarcraft skills were unsurpassed and she was an enthusiastic traveller.