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cuisine / кухня, стол, кулинарное искусство
имя существительное
kitchen, cuisine, cook room, table
table, desk, board, platen, diet, cuisine
кулинарное искусство
имя существительное
a style or method of cooking, especially as characteristic of a particular country, region, or establishment.
much Venetian cuisine is based on seafood
For instance, the Thai breweries organize a Beer Festival with plenty of traditional Thai cuisine to sample as well.
Basically your garbage pail is the hippest new fusion cuisine restaurant in town for ants.
In South Indian vegetarian cuisine , milk products are not used much.
And going to a French restaurant in Atlanta is no guarantee that you will be served French cuisine .
much Venetian cuisine is based on seafood
we spent the evening sampling the local cuisine
Nicer restaurants that feature local cuisine generally have smaller portions.
Until the 90s, fashionable restaurants offered French cuisine , which meant rich sauces.
People flowed to their seats with decorum eagerly anticipating the thrill of gourmet cuisine .
I feel robbed that I didn't eat authentic Thai cuisine until the age of 27.