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cuff / манжета, обшлаг, легкий удар рукой
имя существительное
cuff, cup, wristband, turn-up
cuff, wristband
легкий удар рукой
бить рукой
слегка ударять рукой
slap, splash, smack, flap, cuff, pat
имя существительное
the end part of a sleeve, where the material of the sleeve is turned back or a separate band is sewn on.
With ageless patch pockets, elasticated cuffs and waist band, this is a must.
She then handed me ankle cuffs and handcuffs to fasten on my ankles and wrists.
a blow given with an open hand.
The second I exposed myself, the blow would come, a cuff across the head or shoulders that I'd feel for days.
secure with handcuffs.
the man's hands were cuffed behind his back
strike (someone) with an open hand, especially on the head.
he cuffed him playfully on the ear
David wondered what she was looking for - a sleeve cuff buttoned askew?
Common were the 1943 leather combat service boots with buckled cuff .
He used a pillowcase to carry his stethoscope, otoscope, blood pressure cuff , and pulse oximeter.
They are unable to see the difference between a good old fashioned cuff on the ear and serial beatings.
Many soft boot models are outfitted with a plastic hinged cuff for added support.
It is sufficiently perturbed by this pandemic of kids carrying out surreal stunts on strangers to issue handy hints on how to spot a happy slapper who's about to cuff you one.
You inflate the cuff on your upper arm by squeezing a rubber bulb.
There are even scraps of their garments, including a cuff from a sleeve, and a possible wall hanging.
Just put a boot in the binding and press the cuff of the boot from side-to-side and look for wobble and slop.
Learn to trust the ankle support designed into a high cuff in-line skate.