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cue / кий, сигнал, реплика
имя существительное
cue, billiard cue
signal, beep, horn, call, cue, wave
replica, cue, line, speech, catchword
имя существительное
a thing said or done that serves as a signal to an actor or other performer to enter or to begin their speech or performance.
The Mayor, not heeding his cue , began his speech early and failed to mention the conference and exhibition sponsors.
a long, straight, tapering wooden rod for striking the ball in pool, billiards, snooker, etc..
When the cue hits the object ball it will bend the tangent line back away from the corner.
give a cue to or for.
curious pedestrians are cued by the arrival of stretch limousines
use a cue to strike a ball in pool, billiards, snooker, etc..
‘I missed a few easy balls today but I am cueing brilliantly,’ he said.
The musicians sit scattered at both ends of the stage, warming up for an improv exercise in which they cue dancers to stop dancing by quickly interrupting their movement with music.
The act of the secondary observer writing down an observation when the primary observer has not indicated a detection can serve as a cue to the primary observer.
The plan should list peak flow meter readings or specific symptoms that will serve as your cue to go to the ER.
The usual effects can be heard such as the cue hitting the ball and such.
And in this smart pub, where a Glaswegian salad is the order of the day, that's the cue for another round of reminiscing.
Instead of having to cue up a tape and set up the mix I could just listen.
Other items include a snooker cue signed by top stars, an England under 21s signed match ball and Bath rugby shirts and balls signed by players.
The context acts as a cue to retrieve the memory of events that occurred in its presence.
You lose glasses and keys either because your brain never encoded an event or piece of information or because a cue devised to trigger your memory failed.
A handwritten tick appears above the word death, but the report has no number inserted in it, in spite of the obvious cue to enter a number in the specified space.