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cuddly / приятный, отрадный
имя прилагательное
pleasant, enjoyable, nice, agreeable, pleasing, cuddly
pleasant, cuddlesome, cuddly
имя прилагательное
endearing and pleasant to cuddle, especially as a result of being soft or plump.
she was short and cuddly
I pull my cuddly soft quilted comforter from my shoulder over above my forehead.
Sure, they look all cuddly and docile, but I bet they're plotting to take over the world.
She walks out and totally abandons me while I'm still all warm and cute and cuddly in bed.
Books, perfume, a warm cuddly stole or blanket, bed socks, a snug scarf or hat - the choices were many and boring.
Dr Evans this week issued guidelines to locals living in the bush capital on how to steer clear of an attack by the cuddly looking marsupials.
Baby gibbons are extremely cute, cuddly and adorable and extremely attractive to poachers and black marketers.
But the cat was very cuddly and kept me company throughout my wakeful hours.
Part of this irrational anxiety has come about because A is not a very cuddly kid right now.
Instead of Nurse Ratched we have Whoopi Goldberg with a huge, cuddly Afro to show how warm and caring she is.
I'm both interesting and informative, as well as being cuddly and adorable.