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cucurbit / перегонный куб
имя существительное
перегонный куб
alembic, still, limbeck, cucurbit, distillatory vessel, limbec
имя существительное
a plant of the gourd family ( Cucurbitaceae ), which includes melon, pumpkin, squash, and cucumber.
Plant cucurbit seeds such as pumpkin, cucumber, melons, etc.
Greenhouse shelves are brimming, but make room for cucurbit starts (squash, melons and gourds).
Powdery mildew in the cucurbit family is caused by the organism Sphaerotheca fuliginea.
Plant cucurbit seeds such as pumpkin, cucumber, melons, etc.
It is advisable to sow plants far from vegetable crops, especially cucurbitaceous plantings.
These studies will also help to understand why only the cucurbitaceous plants form pegs, and how the Earth's gravity affects the evolution of plants.
In Iowa, she's overseeing organic research in field corn, sweet corn, soybeans, grapes, peppers, cucurbits , and medicinal herbs, as well as multi-year, multi-crop organic systems projects.
When cucurbitaceous seeds germinate in an orientation such that the radicle emerges pointing downwards, two small pegs grow out from opposite sides of the transition zone between the hypocotyls and the root.
The book devotes 30 pages to cucurbits , from giant pumpkins through marrows, zucchinis and cucumbers to back-scratching loofahs.
In the absence of successful control agents, ivy gourd will continue to expand its range, displacing native flora, increasing pest infestations of cucurbitaceous crops.
In cucumber, muskmelon, and other cucurbitaceous seeds, a thin envelope completely encloses the embryo.