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cucumber / огурец
имя существительное
имя существительное
a long, green-skinned fruit with watery flesh, usually eaten raw in salads or pickled.
It was called Jerusalem Salad and it had tomatoes and cucumbers , olive oil, lemon, olives and goat cheese.
the climbing plant of the gourd family that yields this fruit, native to the Chinese Himalayan region. It is widely cultivated but very rare in the wild.
The peas and other vines won't bother each other so go ahead and plan on planting cucumbers , melons or even squash together on the same trellis.
Wax gourd, watermelon, cucumber and towel gourd are full of water and classified as cool food.
A cool cucumber and yoghurt dip is a refreshing accompaniment for grilled chops.
Lay an oyster on top of the cucumber salad and garnish with the remoulade.
I had a thinly-sliced cucumber salad with shallots, a sprinkling of crumbled feta cheese and pine kernels.
Eat with crusty bread and perhaps a tomato and cucumber salad.
Just before serving, add the tomatoes, cucumber , spring onions, parsley, mint and olives, and mix well.
a slice of cucumber
There are salad sandwiches wrapped in black plastic bags, hummus, pickled cucumbers sealed into an old plastic margarine tub and home-made goat's cheese.
Plant melons, cucumbers , and other frequent water-users along one drip line or soaker hose; irrigate regularly.
We ate it with rice and a salad with radishes and cucumbers .