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cuckoo / кукушка, разиня, кукование
имя существительное
cuckoo, gowk, dinkey, dolly
cuckoo, gawk, chaw-bacon
имя прилагательное
crazy, mad, batty, barmy, gonzo, cuckoo
nuts, crazy, loony, bonkers, mad, cuckoo
не в своем уме
имя существительное
a medium-sized long-tailed bird, typically with a gray or brown back and barred or pale underparts. Many cuckoos lay their eggs in the nests of small songbirds.
It is an important wintering ground for European migratory birds such as the white stork, the lesser kestrel, the Eurasian golden oriole, the Eurasian cuckoo and other wading birds.
a mad person.
Perhaps this explains that cuckoo '96 NBA offseason, which saw a handful of players land outrageous contracts.
имя прилагательное
mad; crazy.
people think you're cuckoo
A chartered surveyor from Strathaven, in Lanarkshire, who owns a terraced property two doors along, said: ‘Property prices in this place are just cuckoo .’
The inventive production is a work of art in its own right, every bit as cuckoo as the play.
It sure didn't take new Portland coach Mo Cheeks long to pick up the company line on resident cuckoo Rasheed Wallace.
Sure she's cuckoo , but I've seen newborn puppies who were more harmful than her.
India's policy-makers must emerge from their cuckoo world of neo-liberal economics and corporate-driven politics.
But these people are cuckoo about Ronald Reagan.
Which cloud cuckoo lands does Count Roy Davies live in?
People are going cuckoo over the intriguing chapter titles, which include: ‘What Do Schoolteachers and Sumo Wrestlers Have in Common?’
And he went further, saying that anybody who believed the association could afford it was ‘living in cuckoo land’.
For months afterwards I had panic attacks - I didn't want to say anything to anybody because I thought I was going cuckoo .