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cube / куб, брусчатка, третья степень
имя существительное
cube, boiler
paving stone, sett, cube, set
третья степень
имя прилагательное
cubic, cube, cubical, solid
возводить в куб
вычислять кубатуру
вычислять кубический объем
raise (a number or value) to its cube.
But in any standard treatment, squaring or cubing an infinite number gives the same infinite number.
cut (food) into small cubes.
I bought sirloin from the butcher and cubed it myself
tenderize (meat) by scoring a pattern of small squares into its surface.
cubed steaks
According to the precise rate, the volume of the sphere is the cube of the diameter multiplied by 11 and divided by 21.
When the concrete dust cleared, we saw a large, jagged hole in the side of the stone cube .
Cut any rind from the Gorgonzola and cube the cheese.
How big is a plutonium cube of 6 microns on a side?
To get my ice I have to make a cube shape with my hands and point to the tumbler.
Carefully hollow out the tofu cube about half an inch deep and place in a small soup bowl.
She then took the overflow lard that she had displaced and added lye to create soap, which she formed into a large cube whose shape was further transformed when she bathed with it.
Closed, the cabinet appears as a minimalist cube - a solid and restrained form that belies its complex and interactive quality.
If your bread isn't stale, pre-heat the oven to 215 degrees, cube the bread, and dry out the cubes in the oven for 10 minutes.
Nearly all of the characters in the show have heads that are some variation on the shape of a cube .