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cubby / уютное местечко, уютное жилище
имя существительное
уютное местечко
cubby, cubby hole
уютное жилище
cubby, cubby hole
имя существительное
a cubbyhole.
We trust each other enough that students eating at Café Mac leave their bags in the cubbies outside the dining hall.
But I ended up simply placing the hat in your cubby .
Situated between two columns, the fireplace is flanked by a large soapstone sink on one side and a gas-fired barbecue with a side burner on the other; a cubby for wood storage is beneath.
I rushed to the orchestra room and slipped it underneath her violin in her cubby (stationed beside mine) and then left to go home.
I rushed to the cubby room behind Elizabeth and sure enough, Ryan was leaning against his cubby reading the small scrap of paper with my handwriting all over it.
She had packaged the cookies in tin foil, then put the tinfoil in a plastic grocery bag so that Bridget could hang it in her cubby at school.
I pulled a twenty dollar bill out from the front cubby of the jet ski where the registration papers and a ‘rules of the road’ kind of booklet were kept.
I headed to my cubby where I kept my books and other schoolwork, and then sat down at a corner desk by myself.
Workstations can start simply with a flat surface for writing, a light to read and a place to store workbooks and assignments, such as a cubby or folder with each student's name.
The doctor consults a chart, then walks over to a cubby , opens the door, and pulls back the cart with the plastic bag lying on top.
The dishwasher was raised off the floor and the microwave set in a cubby just below counter height, making both appliances accessible without bending or reaching.