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cub / детеныш, новичок, щенок
имя существительное
young, cub, calf, baby, youngling, joey
beginner, novice, newcomer, rookie, recruit, cub
puppy, pup, whelp, cub
whelp, pup, cub, litter
охотиться на лисят
имя существительное
the young of a fox, bear, lion, or other carnivorous mammal.
Young tiger and lion cubs are passed amongst large groups of people so they can have a ‘cute’ photo taken with a fluffy animal.
give birth to cubs.
both share the same earth during the first ten days after cubbing
a fox cub
Predators such as cougars, wolves, and adult male bears, even a cub 's own father, are threats, especially to cubs that are separated from their mothers.
fox cub
The young bear's cub sat near its mother nuzzling her.
It is veteran versus tyro, wily old fox against bristling young cub , a man who has done it all against a boy who threatens to do it all.
How does a female tiger protect her young cubs amid the sometimes violent attentions of three male suitors?
In a project begun a little over a year ago, he sterilizes pride males that have sired around 20 cubs .
A 500-millimeter lens enabled him to photograph a mother polar bear and her two cubs from a reasonably safe distance.
We were all to eat at Glare's house, but her mother had held a Cub Scout meeting at her house that evening and didn't feel like cooking.
The Daily Dispatch switchboard was almost jammed yesterday as readers called to suggest their names for three lion cubs at the East London Zoo.