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crystallography / кристаллография
имя существительное
имя существительное
the branch of science concerned with the structure and properties of crystals.
She threw herself into science - physics, chemistry and crystallography .
X-ray crystallography and NMR can measure static structure or at most temperature factors but provide no information about modes, and therefore dynamics and function.
Her crystallography was crucial to the subsequent elucidation of DNA structure and replication.
Protein crystallography provides the structure of a protein, averaged over all elementary cells during data collection time.
Do you want to see exhibits about rocks and petrology, fossils, the geological history of Earth, how minerals form, crystallography , or properties and uses of minerals?
Protein crystallography reveals that the fundamental unit of protein structure is the domain.
Electron crystallography has been widely applied to determine the structures of biological macromolecules.
His interests were always wide and this is reflected in the range of courses that he was teaching around this time: descriptive geometry, crystallography , optics, mechanics and machine design.
Secondary structure was assigned according to known crystallography structures and is shown at the bottom.
For such a comparison to be completed, the availability of the atomic structure from x-ray crystallography and/or from NMR spectroscopy is very helpful.
Unfortunately, we could not solve its structure by x-ray crystallography as crystallization trials have failed so far.