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crystallize / кристаллизоваться, кристаллизовать, выкристаллизовываться
crystallize, solidify
crystallize, jell, effloresce
form or cause to form crystals.
when most liquids freeze they crystallize
The sugar will start to crystallize ; don't panic.
when most liquids freeze they crystallize
The only thing left in their packs was water, which had long ago started to crystallize and freeze.
They are heated and cooled relatively rapidly so the materials do not crystallize .
Large, good-quality crystals are valued by structural biologists, but some organic molecules are easier to crystallize than others are.
This also occurs naturally in the earth; hot gases evaporate and leave behind saturated minerals which then crystallize .
Another type of solid exists, an amorphous solid, that does not crystallize .
It has been suggested that upon the rapid freezing, water molecules crystallize on the lipid interface, forming two frozen planes separated by the hydrophobic core of the membrane.
Students reported that the reading materials were interesting, helpful, and specific, and they found that the out-of-class activities allowed them to crystallize the material they had learned.
If left undisturbed for a long period of time, a glass will very slowly crystallize .