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crystalline / кристаллический, прозрачный, хрустальный
имя прилагательное
crystal, crystalline
transparent, clear, limpid, crystalline, crystal, pellucid
crystal, crystalline, cut-glass
имя существительное
прозрачный предмет
crystal, crystalline
имя прилагательное
having the structure and form of a crystal; composed of crystals.
a crystalline rock
Glass itself does not have a crystalline structure as minerals do.
How much more fun law school would be if the prose were crystalline !
Haematite is iron oxide - a grey form of the mineral that has a larger crystalline structure than the more familiar red stuff, or rust.
Although most small molecule drugs come as crystalline powders, only one protein pharmaceutical, insulin, is formulated thus.
They consist of metals and nonmetals bound together in a crystalline or non-crystalline structure.
A crystalline metal is composed of a lattice of positively charged ions.
Quartz and gypsum are other familiar examples of crystalline structures.
He credits this awesome landscape with inspiring many of the crystalline passages of prose that have illuminated his other books.
Bach invokes these emotions within a structure so crystalline that we can't begin to fathom its perfection.
This crystalline structure is an orderly arrangement of ions known as a crystal lattice.