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crystal / кристалл, хрусталь, хрустальная посуда
имя существительное
crystal, grain
хрустальная посуда
cut glass, crystal
имя прилагательное
crystal, crystalline, cut-glass
crystal, crystalline
имя существительное
a piece of a homogeneous solid substance having a natural geometrically regular form with symmetrically arranged plane faces.
Where possible, flawed sections are removed and larger crystals cut into smaller pieces with minimal wastage by splitting the crystal along natural cleavage planes.
highly transparent glass with a high refractive index.
a crystal chandelier
имя прилагательное
clear and transparent like crystal.
the clean crystal waters of the lake
Cut glass crystal was the mainstay and it took the intervention of fashion designers into the glass industry to turn the thinking around.
Steward claims she would not have been able to compete in the marathon without the crystal to awaken her dormant mind power.
The company is cutting jobs and closing plants to save money as demand ebbs for its china dinner services, glassware and crystal because consumers are spending less.
But she remembered one dream in detail and knew it to be a dream: She was at a party in a mansion with large mirrored rooms and crystal chandeliers.
But because of their fivefold symmetry, icosahedral clusters can't combine to form a regular crystal .
the clean crystal waters of the lake
More accurate clocks based on the regular vibrations of a quartz crystal superseded them.
Simultaneously, large quartz crystal groups were formed on the ceiling and walls of the cavern.
Expect the best crystal wine glasses, such as Schott or Riedel, in the correct shape for each wine, be it a Tempranillo or a Sauvignon Blanc.
Inside the thick envelope was a card showing a school of dolphins from above, surfacing through crystal water.