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crypt / склеп, крипта, тайник
имя существительное
crypt, tomb, vault, ossuary, charnel, sepulcher
crypt, undercroft
cache, stash, drop, crypt, hide, recess
имя существительное
an underground room or vault beneath a church, used as a chapel or burial place.
Thirteen additional art works were packed into the central aisle, adjacent chapels and underground crypts of the church.
a small tubular gland, pit, or recess.
The epithelium, often with villi, crypts , and glands, simulates the normal mucosa of the gut.
He was buried in St Gregory's vault in the crypt of St Paul's.
The ancient cathedral that is an epitome of love also has an underground crypt and a small museum for the visitors.
It is thought possible that the bones could have been buried beneath an old crypt under the original chapel or that they could have been moved from a nearby burial site.
Around three times as many people are now taking guided tours, and visiting the undercroft, treasury and crypt .
Many students were memorised by the history associated with the ancient crypt of the cathedral.
There was no atypical gland or crypt abscess in the mucosa.
The upper chamber houses their decorative graves amidst profusely inscribed gilted walls while their actual tombs are in a crypt below.
It has also been suggested that the Romanesque crypt of the Chapel of Notre-Dame du Dromon may originally have been the mausoleum of Dardanus and his wife, Nevia Galla.
An anatomist was given access to his tomb by the Vatican half a century ago when repairs were being carried out to the crypt in the church at Bari, southern Italy, where his remains are kept.
They were in what seemed to be an underground crypt .