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cryogenics / физика низких температур
имя существительное
физика низких температур
Of course, some films do try, trading on the idea of cryogenics or time travel to flash freeze their stars along the space-time continuum.
Many uses for magnetic fields have been suggested but laid aside because of the high cost of cryogenics .
The manufacture of a SADA II requires a demanding assortment of technologies - dealing with exotic materials, microelectronics, high vacuum, structure, and cryogenics .
The Munich researchers, wanting to stay in the business but having neither sufficient expertise nor the necessary infrastructure in cryogenics , opted to go into laser interferometry.
From rock 'n' roll funerals to cryogenics , people's preferences for final arrangements now vary according to demographics, geography, and personal style.
The construction implies an important technological fallout in the field of cryogenics and superconducting magnets.
Jones reasoned that instant freezing by cryogenics would lock in more of ice cream's flavor and freshness.
The freezing and thawing process, known as cryogenics , appears to cause no damage.
I was surprised to hear of Brando's strange obsession with living forever, even studying gene therapy and cryogenics in an effort to prolong his life.
In the permanently shadowed areas astronomical instruments could be operated with telescopic optics kept cold and stable using cryogenics .