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crying / плач, крик
имя существительное
cry, crying, weeping, lamentation, mourning, wailing
cry, shout, crying, call, outcry, noise
имя прилагательное
crying, tearful, wailing, lachrymose
screaming, flashy, crying, glaring, showy, garish
crying, flagrant, blatant, egregious, glaring, outrageous
имя прилагательное
very great.
it would be a crying shame to let some other woman have it
shed tears, especially as an expression of distress or pain.
don't cry—it'll be all right
But this is too often background music, and that's a crying shame.
It would be a crying shame for the Council to sell it.
There is a crying need for an imaginative debate about what future schooling could, and should, look like.
There is a crying need to debunk the myths surrounding the entire ideology: the sooner the better.
I believe this was a strong bid and it is a crying shame that it has been unsuccessful.
Given our fast-degenerating communal scenario, there is a crying need to dispel the multiplying misunderstandings about each other.
There is a crying need for a wider selection of candidates.
There obviously is a crying need for a reform of the law.
Is there anything that suggests to you a crying need to create a national curriculum?
It would be a crying shame if they were to vanish.