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crybaby / плакса, рева
имя существительное
crybaby, weeper, sniveller, wet, weepie, sniveler
имя существительное
a person, especially a child, who sheds tears frequently or readily.
She just didn't want to put up with the little brat even if it meant making herself out to be a coward or a crybaby , whichever way they took it.
I held them in awe and was something of a crybaby constantly running to my mother for protection if they said anything cross to me.
Who can blame them; I've been such a crybaby for the last day or so.
The challenge, as always, was how to name the problem without sounding like a crybaby or jinxing all future job prospects.
Time and increasing exposure has shown him to be a loudmouth crybaby , gutless hypocrite, economic buffoon, geopolitical imbecile, and possessed of the emotional fortitude of a ten-year-old.
‘You probably think you've landed yourself with a real crybaby after all of this ’, I joked, wiping my eyes with the back of my hand.
‘You're such a crybaby , Keith’ he said slowly as he put the pack down.
I really have to stop being such a crybaby at gigs.
But my cheeks were dry - which is actually impressive, since I'm a notorious crybaby at movies.
A cousin, exasperatedly and somewhat self-righteously, called him a crybaby .
Otherwise, some might think he's nothing but a crybaby and a bad loser.